Chadwick (October 20, 1891- July 24 1974)
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1.James Chadwick provided the existance of neutrons in 1932. Neutrons are important because they are a key part in nuclear fussion, or the splitting of an atom. This discovery led to the fission of uranium 235, and the susequent development of the atomic bomb.

2. A neutron is one of two particles found inside the nucleus (central part) of an atom. The other particle is called a proton. Electrons are particles that move around an atom outside the nucleus. He also discovered the isotpoe.

James Chadwick
James Chadwick


5. How Chadwick came across the neutron.....
Chadwick then smashed an alpha particle into beryllium, a metallic element. This then released radiation that was aimed into paraffin wax. The beryllium radiation hit the hydrogen atoms that were in the wax. Chadwick then took the wax into a detecting chamber and massive neutral particles were discovered. Chadwick named these particles neutrons.

6. James chadwick recieved the noble peace prize in 1935 for his dicovery of the neutron.